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Top Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Madhya Pradesh is located at the centre of India and popular for being the hub of heritage for communities like Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism. You can witness the proofs of the glorious history from the monuments, forts, palaces and temples all over in the state. One of the major reason for attracting tourists here are the hill stations which offers cool climate, picturesque views, pleasant atmosphere and everything refreshing. We have listed some “Top Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh Tourism” below, which you may like.

Pachmarhi Hill Station, Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi hills are located in the Satpura Ranges of Hoshangabad district of Dhupgarh which is approximately 1100 m above the sea level. It is considered as the largest hill station in India and is popular since the ancient times of British Raj. The name of the hill was kept by the name of Pachmarhi who was the Queen of Satpura. If you are looking for a serene and utmost tranquil region for an adventurous journey, this is the place where you should head to. The hills station is situated amidst deep forests of Sal, Bamboo, Jamun with chilly weather. You can also visit the waterfalls in this hill station and the caves whose walls are filled with ancient carvings, sculptures and paintings telling stories.

Must Visit: Pandava Caves, which is surrounded by timber reserves from all sides.
How to reach: Pipariya is the nearest railway station to Pachmarhi at a distance of 47 km only. October to June is the best climate to visit the hill station.

Amarkantak Hill Station, Madhya Pradesh

Amarkantak is one of the popular pilgrimages in Madhyapradesh with beautiful forest regions, hills, waterfalls, natural wildlife and ponds. The view from the top of the hillock is one of the most popular activities among the tourists which is simply breathtaking. If you are a nature enthusiast, then we recommend you to visit this hill station during the summers.

Places Nearby: Kanha national park.
How to Reach: Pendra road station is nearby the spot, which is just 19 km at a distance from Amarkantak.

Tamiya Hill Station, Madhya Pradesh

Tamiya hill station is famous for its scenic beauty and situated in the central region of the popular Satpura national park. The wildlife and natural vegetations are mindblowing to witness and hence visited by thousands of tourists every year. If you are looking for a peaceful solo travel here then summer is the preferred time to visit the hill station.

How to Reach: Papiriya is the nearest railway station which is well connected with the major cities of Madhya Pradesh and 47 km away from the Tamiya hill station.

Which is the best tourist place in Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh is also known as the Heart of India due to its central location, which is an important reason for being a popular tourists hotspot in the country. The state has many National Parks, pilgrimages and offers tourist-friendly hospitality. Madhya Pradesh was also awarded The Best Tourism State Award in 2012. Khajuraho and Chitrakoot are two famous tourists places and visited by millions of visitors every year from all across the world.


The Khajuraho temple has a large number of Hindu and Jain Temples from the medieval era with erotic sculptures, paintings of Kama Sutra craved on the walls of it. The place has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site due to India’s medieval era art culture and beauty through carved stones and aesthetically appealing creations.


Chitrakoot is a popular place in Madhya Pradesh which was also mentioned in the Indian Mythology of Ramayan. The place is composed of natural tranquil beauty including rivers, hills and lush green forest region to leave you mesmerised. The place is famous because it is believed that Rama and Sita have spent 11 years of the 14 years of exile. The place is also home for Yoga and ayurvedic centres attracting people for peace and meditation.

Which is the best city in Madhya Pradesh?

The most popular city in Madhya Pradesh is its Capital named as Bhopal and also known as the City of Lakes. The city is popular for its natural and artificial lakes which have immense natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. You can also enjoy shopping from the busy marketplaces and business centres in the city centres.

Which is the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh?

Being situated in the central part of India, it experiences a little warmer weather compared to north India with an average temperature of 29 to 32 degree Celsius during the Summers. Although the state has great weather throughout the year which facilitate the visitors almost in every season. But If you are heading for any of the hill stations in the region, we recommend you to plan your voyage during the summers.

Which National Park is a major tourist attraction of Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh has a large number of National Parks and Natural Reserves due to the vast amount of natural flora and fauna still preserved in the green state. Some of the popular National Parks are Bandhavgarh, Kanha National Park etc.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is a popular wildlife reserve for animals such as Kanha Meadows, tigers, jackals and swamp deer.


Bandhavgarh is a highly preserved area where tigers can easily be spotted due to their large population here.

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