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India Trip Planner

India Trip Planner

When it comes to traveling India is one of the most incredible places to visit. With its vast culture and natural surroundings, one would love to travel all the way to India. Having said that, India is huge and is quite different from the western countries, so it can be quite overwhelming and stressful to explore. Even years of experienced traveling can reach its limit while trying to navigate the enormous selection of places to visit, transport, accommodations and experience options.

We here at Plan India Visit help you with a flexible trip planner to provide travelers experience customized and unique holidays without depending on the entire decision process on a travel agent. You can trust us with our extensive knowledge on India as we have spent months traveling and have planned several trips.

How do we process India travel plan?

Initially, we would like you to help us with a few questions which would help us understand how close you are into India travel planning process. Are you done with deciding the place to visit in India? When are you planning to come? Are you into luxury travel or more into backpacking? Are you versed with the travel route? What are your desired accommodation and transport in India? What is the duration of your stay in India?

We might have a few more questions when you put your first inquiry so that we can plan the trip according to the information provided by you. Even you might have doubts and questions before wanting an explicit India travel planner.

In the starting phase of India travel plan, we suggest a travel route, accommodation details; transport details keeping in mind your needs and requirements, travel dates and budget. Later, in accordance with the details provided by you, we can modify your trip plan accordingly until you are completely satisfied.

When should you pay us for services?

The process and service of travel planning free. You only pay advance after you confirm travel plan to India before we start the booking process. You pay the rest only after you have received all the confirmations and vouchers which include our fixed fees which is quite fair.

This will help you to plan your trip according to your taste and also saves you time and lessen the burden of research and bookings. You can trust us as your personal guidebook to India which will help you with all your queries and plan a customized trip to India.

What is included in our services?

We usually offer a personalized travel plan that includes only accommodation and modes of transport along with the travel route planned by us. Our transparent cost breakup also shows the fees, taxes and transactions fees so you can see that there is no hidden cost.

We usually don’t provide guided services as that would limit your plan and restrict your freedom in timely travel planning. Basically, in many places and monuments, there are audio guides and other information material available which will help you to explore at your own wish and let you make choices with what you want to see and experience.

Moreover, if you do not wish to explore the culture and history, we could help you with additional services like city guides, special tours, adventurous outdoor activities or trekking.

Our service doesn’t end with trip planning and consultation, we are there to help before and during your trip in case you have any queries. We even help you with our knowledge that we gained through trips to India like places to visit, culinary and sightseeing.

What is not included in our services?

We do not offer Group packages, international flight tickets(we always make a suggestion for which air ticket to buy according to your budget and also we help you to purchase if you want us to book for you but this may need you to pay us advance for the flight tickets as it’s completely liability for us). Our services start and end in India and are not fixed but can be modified in accordance with your dates, needs, and expectations.

however again we provide packages for a stop over if you want to explore some other country and want to explore for a stopover, for eg: Dubai

We don’t offer group tours for the individual to join in, but if you are a family or in a group we can plan and book a personalized travel plan in India for you.

Though we offer flexible services tailored according to your requirements with the freedom of decision on you, we need to book and pay for the services chosen by you after you have confirmed the trip to ensure the trip as you want. That means the changes made during the trip are difficult to execute and may need you to pay extra for the itinerary to be changed when you land to India.

We are there for you all the time

We are there for you during your entire trip to help you with any request you have but do understand that we are limited in the modification of the trip once you are on the road as the payment and booking for rental cars, flights, trains, and hotels will be pre-booked as per the plan. But we also understand sometimes the mind and plan can get changed when you hit the road, therefore we are always available for the necessary changes if you want us to make to your plan anytime.

when you on the road and in India, don’t forget us even for a minute as we been a trip organizer for you, we will make sure every time to serve your requirement, help you and fulfill all the commitments we made to you. we always make sure to tell you everything you need to know about India. Your comfortable trip and amazing experience exploring this dynamic culture is what’s our top priority as we understand from our vast experience of traveling the world that everyone travels not just to relax and have fun but to understand the culture of the different region.

Plan India team invite you to be our guest in India.

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