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15 Best Places to Visit in India

15 best Places to Visit in India

India is a vast country which is very rich in flora and fauna. This land has diverse cultures and traditions where people live together and celebrate the unity among themselves. This country is not only geographically diverse but also diverse culturally. The below article will give you just a knowledge of the best places to visit in India, but that’s not all that India has to offer.

The people from different religions come together and celebrate the different festivals in complete harmony. It is because of these reasons that the tourism in India is extremely rich and all over the country you can see the various tourist destinations.

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Considering the geographical stretch of India, it is the seventh largest country in the world. India has almost all the geographical features from mountains to plains, from the wettest place of the world to the deserts. The greenery of India is the most commendable feature. People from different religions and groups reside here and more than 200 languages are spoken.

The different places provide for a number of tourist attractions in India. These places are either rich in history or in culture. All of it may have their own stories but one thing is common in them, that they will leave you wonderstruck. Every visitor of India is enthralled by the beauty of the place.

1. Kashmir- The heaven on Earth

“Agar Firdaus bar-rue Zameen ast, Hami asto, Hami at”

The great poet Amir Khusro rightly described Kashmir in his words when he said, “If there is heaven on Earth, here it is, here it is (translated from the above lines). Kashmir truly is the pride of India because of its enthralling beauty.

Kashmir has striking features that make it the picture-perfect beauty on Earth. It has large fruit orchards and meadows that are breathtaking. The meadows are encircled by forests of pines and deodars. You will get to witness the beautiful flowers surrounded by the lush green gardens. Not only these, the snow-covered ranges of Pir-Panjal and Himalayas are to leave you by surprise.

You can go roaming around the beautiful Mughal Gardens or for a ride of the Shikara boats on Dal Lake. Kashmir offers the breathtaking view of the valley of Betaab and Aru. If you want to find out some religious break, you can go on a visit to the Amarnath Ji among the Chandanwari.

The adventurous spirit, you can choose to go rafting in the wild ferocious currents of the Sind river in Sonmarg. If you have been thinking Gondola is only found in Italy, you need to rethink.

In Kashmir, you get to witness the highest Gondola ride. When you visit Kashmir, make sure to buy some handicrafts and handlooms as souvenirs for your close ones. Kashmir is no less than a beauty in a picture.

2. Hawa Mahal

Rajasthan, no doubt is a beautiful place with so many elegant palaces, but this Hawa Mahal is sure to captivate your attention. This is a five-storeyed structure made of red sandstones and lies in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal is also referred to as The Palace of Wind.

In the ancient days, women could see all the outdoor activities while being hidden in the palace. The structure has a pyramid-like shape and there are 953 windows in the palace. All the windows have their unique design. Hawa Mahal was made up in 1799. It is a fine example of Rajputana architecture.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park

This is one of the best places to visit in India if you are extremely fond of the wildlife. You are sure to be delighted by your experience at the Bandhavgarh National Park. This is one of the most popular national parks in India and offers an insight to the leopards, bears, barking deer, sloths, hyenas, wolves, Indian bison and many more.

Nonetheless, the major tourist attraction of this place has to be the Bengal tigers, who are rare to be spotted. It is often suggested that people will get to witness the majority of wildlife either during late afternoon or early morning.

4. Dharamsala

This tourist destination in India is a treat to the eyes as well as the soul. Dalai Lama visited India in 1959 and this place has become the home to him away from Tibet. Dharamsala has close relevance to that of Tibetan government as it is the home to the ones in exile. The meaning of Dharamsala translates to a place of spiritual dwelling or place where pilgrims can rest. The meaning of the name very appropriately suits the place as so many people reside here.

If you plan your trip to Dharamsala in advance, there are possibilities that you will get to witness or attend one of the teaching sessions of Dalai Lama. If you are spiritual, you should visit Dharamsala. Nonetheless, it is not a place only for spiritual dwelling but also for those who are adventurous. When you are in Dharamsala you can go hiking and even opt for some cooking of the Indian dishes.

5. Leh-Ladakh

If you wish to experience the joy of trekking, then Leh-Ladakh is the most ideal option for you. You will get to witness the snow-capped mountains and also experience the Alpine glacial lakes. The valleys of Leh-Ladakh offer a view of the prevalent Buddhist monasteries of India.

If you wish to take a break from the chaos and dwell in some spiritual life, then you must visit Leh-Ladakh. It is the home to several high mountain peaks of the world and hence, you can go high altitude trekking in this area. Not only India, people from all across the world visit Leh-Ladakh to visit their wanderlust soul.

You can go on visiting the area for its serenity and divinity that it has to offer. The Buddhist chants of the monks at Hemis Monastery will lift up your soul. If you want to experience solitude and peace then you should visit the Pangong Lake. Also, to fill up your wanderlust soul you should go visit the frozen Zanskar River.

Leh-Ladakh offers for the experience of the desert too. If you want to experience the cold desert you can go visit the Nubra Valley on a Bactrian camel and relish the beauty of landscapes. If you are lucky, you might even spot the snow leopard at Hemis National Park.

Leh-Ladakh is such a place that it has got to offer everything people ask for. The Hemis Festival should be a part of the must-visit place for the people. When you plan to visit India, you should include Leh-Ladakh in your list too.

6. Ranakpur Temple

This temple in India is of great historical importance and a fine example of the Jain temples. The temple is one of the major tourist attractions in India. The architecture of Ranakpur temple is considered as one of the best in the world. The temple was built back in the 15th century and it is said that the temple took 50 years to be built.

The Ranakpur temple of India is one of the largest in the world. It has 29 halls and 80 domes but the most commendable feature of the temple is that it has 1444 pillars. Each of the pillars has their own striking features. The statues of the deities have been placed on top of each dome. The interior of the building is extremely commendable with the beautiful carvings highlighting all the details so specifically.

7. Mysore Palace

The palace of Mysore is one of the best places to visit India. Mysore is considered to be the second-best tourist Indian destination. You are sure to have an enthralling experience at the Mysore Palace. The seven palaces in combination make up the Mysore Palace. All these palaces are magnificent thus helping to make the Mysore Palace extremely spectacular. Mysore was ruled by Wodeyars from 1399 to 1959. Their main palace was built during the period of 1399 and the last and most recent ones of their palace got completed in 1912.

The recently built palace is a complete fusion of the various styles such as Rajputana, Gothic, Muslim, and Hindu. The palace has a height of three stories and the domes are made of marbles of deep pink in color. The domes have an ivory tower. On the day of Dussehra, the palace becomes a center for celebration. Every year it hosts the annual the arts and culture festival. So, if you had been planning your trip to Mysore, you can come during the time of Dussehra.

8. Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of those Indian destinations that are sure to take you by wonder. Undoubtedly, the North-east of India is one of the most beautiful places helping to make you witness the seven sisters. Upon all the north-eastern states, Meghalaya is truly a hidden beauty in the lap of the hills of Hari and Khasi of eastern Himalayas. Meghalaya is also known as the ‘abode of clouds’.

Meghalaya’s lush green beauty has the terraced structure with dense forests, swiftly flowing streams and the extremely beautiful waterfalls. The caves of Meghalaya among the forests adds to the beauty.

The streams aren’t only swift flowing but also appear to be sparkling. Meghalaya is the ideal destination for people who are interested in trekking, enthusiasts and full of caves.

The most attractive part of Meghalaya are the naturally made bridges. The bridges are made of the roots of the plants, some of them are man-made while some were built naturally. These bridges grow out on their own by the people of Khasi tribe.

They have been making up the bridges since a long time by intermingling the roots of rubber trees. The trunks of the plants are placed over the streams as well as rivers.

Meghalaya Root

The roots grew over a time period of 10-15 years and have become extremely strong over the years. The bridges that have grown completely, at once can hold dozens of the people. Mawsynram, the wettest place on Earth can also be an ideal place to visit. Cherrapunji has the ‘double-decker living root bridge which makes it a major attraction of the people. The bridge is pretty strong and has been persistent for 200 years.

Not only this, the caves of Krem Mawsmai is extremely beautiful. It is one of the major tourist attractions in India. The caves have the beautiful shape of stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed over a long period of India. Also, Meghalaya has one of the cleanest cities in India which is Mawlynnong.

Meghalaya not only has the finest examples of nature’s beauty but also the man-made artistic beauty. You are sure to experience the true beauty of India’s village in Meghalaya. You can relish the delicious food of Meghalaya. Right from nature to all the man-made beauty, Meghalaya is full of experiences. Thus, with so much to experience, it is one of the best places to visit in India.

9. Jim Corbett National Park

The true beauty of India lies in its mountains. Jim Corbett National Park is a true beauty in Uttarakhand of India. This is one of the oldest national parks in India and you will get to witness all the endangered species in the national park. If you are lucky enough, you might even spot a Bengal tiger amidst the forest. This is a must visit place for all the wildlife lovers.

The National Park was established in 1936 but it was renamed in 1954 in honor of Jim Corbett, the author who was a wildlife conservative too. He had contributed in making up the nature reserve. The vegetation of the place makes up beautiful jungles and forests. The best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is from the month of April to June. Apart from the tiger, you may even get to witness all elephants, leopards, rhinoceros, Indian Bison and many more.

10. Amber Fort

This is one of the major Indian destinations in Jaipur. The fort is a fine example of the Rajputana architecture. It is situated among the hills and is a fusion of Hindu and Rajput styles. The fort was built in late 16th century of the pink and red sandstones. It also has a marble structure. Most of them even made appearances in the Bollywood movies.

The Amber Fort is widely popular because of its Mirror Palace. The Mirror Palace was made up so that the queen could see the stars before going to sleep. You can visit the fort by vehicles or if you want a more rustic experience you can visit the place by elephants.

11. Kerala

Also known as God’s own country, this land with beautiful land with backwaters is a must visit place. It has beaches filled with coconut trees. The land has to offer great Ayurvedic massages and Yoga experiences. The land is full of colorful festivals. The Southern part of India is extremely beautiful with places like Kerala.

Kerala is one of those places that receives thousands of tourists every year. It won’t be wrong to say that the place is one of the best tourist destinations in India. Kerala is extremely beautiful as it embodies a blend of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Kerala has got a lot to offer than its backwaters. It is for the different reasons that the place is known as the own country of God.

Kerela beauty

Apart from the sparkling backwaters, Kerala is full of hills and several wildlife sanctuaries. The hill stations of Kerala are as beautiful as that you will see in the North. If you think about the weather, it is pleasant all throughout the year. When you plan to visit the South of India, Kerala should be on your must-visit list. The tourists in Kerala can enjoy a number of experiences. Thus, if you wish to relish the beauty of the hills and that of the sparkling backwaters, Kerala is an ideal place for you.

Not only Kashmir, but Kerala too has to offer you the experience of houseboats. You can opt for a stay on the backwaters of Alleppey on a houseboat. This is one of those experiences that you will remember throughout your life. You can go on a walk around the lush green tea gardens of Munnar. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers for a great ride on the elephant backs.

The pride of Kerala is Kathakali. Kathakali is a dance form that originated in Kerala and men and women paint their faces, wear exotic dresses and dance. You can definitely watch the breathtaking performances of Kathakali at the Kathakali Centre.

Something that you cannot miss out in Kerala, is the food. The food in Kerala is often served on a banana leaf in the traditional way. You can always choose to enjoy your stays at the tree houses. Every year, a temple festival is held in Kerala that marks the cultural legacy of the state. The people from different parts take part in the boat race.

Several of fishermen set out on their embarking journey with their Chinese fishnets on the beach near Kochi Fort. This is a view that you will enjoy only in Kerala.

12. Sikkim

As mentioned earlier, the North-east of India is one of the hidden gems in the country. It is often regarded as the most underrated tourist destinations of India. Not many people visit the North-east but if you do visit the extremes of this part, you will become a part of the actual beauty of nature.

Sikkim is one such part of the country. It is the sparkling gem residing in the North-east Himalayas. Sikkim is not only beautiful but equally enchanting.

From Sikkim, you can view a number of snow-capped mountains, glittering streams, and small yet so culturally rich villages. Sikkim is the home to several Buddhist monasteries. If you are tired of the daily chores of the city, then you may take a break and visit Sikkim. The place offers serenity, tranquility, and calm. It is the perfect India destination for those seeking some solitude and race.

If Sikkim has got to offer tranquility, it also does offer the perfect place for adventure. It is regarded that Sikkim has one of the best scenic hiking trails of India. Sikkim also has several rivers where you can go experience the thrill of white water rafting. People seeking some adventure may also visit this place for rock climbing and even mountaineering.

When you choose to trek along the Yumthang Valley, you will come across several breathtaking views that are sure to leave you wonderstruck. You will get a view of the total rhododendron carpets. The currents of the Teesta river are extremely strong and to raft against those currents is a matter of bravery. It is full of thrill and excitement.

When you set out on your adventure along the River Teesta, you are sure to come across the varied experience of twists and turns that the river has to offer. Apart from these, you can choose to visit the lakes such as Cholamu and Gurudongmar. Sikkim is a true example of the natural beauty.

Since the place is so silent, you may come here to seek some meditation in the monasteries. The several old monasteries offer these meditation sessions. Apart from the calm, you can also experience the rush in your adrenaline by going for hand-gliding or paragliding at the Yak Safari.

The traditional Sikkimese food is sure to leave you licking your fingers. The Sikkimese market is a vast stretch offering handcrafts, mural items, thangka paintings and so on. The people in Sikkim are quite genuine and welcoming. You might as well adorn yourself in a traditional Sikkimese dress and become a significant part of the festivals of Sikkim.

13. Aurangabad

The central of India, Maharashtra is full of tourist attractions. Yet it happens to be one of the very less visited places. Maharashtra has the adorned places that are of great historical importance. But, one of the most prominent places in Maharashtra is Aurangabad. It is one hidden gem in the state that is a beautiful Indian destination.

Aurangabad is home to several ancient structures, monuments and is a prominent historical city. This city was ruled by several historical dynasties and today it embodies their culture, their arts, monuments and so on.

The monuments in Aurangabad are proof of the rich cultural times India had. Nonetheless, Aurangabad is well-known for the Buddhist cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora caves. Ajanta and Ellora have been named as the world heritage site.

Several people, national as well as international visit Aurangabad all around the year. It is not only the Ajanta and Ellora caves which attract the tourists but others too. If you want to witness the replica of the famous Taj Mahal, you can come to visit the Bibi Ka Maqbara in Aurangabad. It is the tomb of the wife of Aurangzeb, Begum Rabia. Several architects, historians, and art lovers have been attracted to these sites over the years.

Aurangabad is a fort-like city that has historical huge gates such as Kala Darwaza and Rangeen Darwaza. The names are so contrasting, yet you will figure out an idea about these doors. They are huge and magnificent and sure to take you by surprise. The doors have several designs and carvings that throw a light on the architecture of the place in the old eras. The carvings reflect the artistic and craftsman’s skills of the people in the ancient times.

Every year, the city hosts the cultural festival known as Ellora Ajanta Festivals. Several dancers and art lovers from the different corners of the country take part in the festival to showcase their skills. Despite such rich attractions, the major attraction always happens to be the caves.

The caves are about 14000 years old and still, they help to add the charm and glory within the city. The caves are one of the many reasons that will force you to visit the country again.

Well if you are too fond of your wardrobe, the traditional attires from Aurangabad can be a great addition. You can always choose to take back with you the fine hand-woven collections of the Paithani and Himroo silk. The silk is the additional yet specialty of the place.

14. Sundarban

West Bengal is also known as the cultural capital of India because of the beauty in it. History is proof that West Bengal has given the country several legends such as Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore and so many. But it is not only the legends, West Bengal has innumerable beauties for us to visit too. One such hidden gem in West Bengal is the Sunderbans.

The Sundarbans of West Bengal houses the largest Mangrove forest. Not only the mangroves, but it also houses several endangered man-eating the Royal Bengal Tigers. This is one of the most offbeat yet the most attractive destinations in India. It is said that if the rivers in Sunderbans are sailed, one may even reach Bangladesh and possibly the Bay of Bengal.

Sunderbans is just located on the mouth of the major rivers of India like Brahmaputra and Ganges. Apart from the mangroves and Royal Bengal tigers, Sunderbans has a lot to offer such as the varied wildlife filled with birds, animals, and reptiles. You can visit and experience the true village life when you visit Sunderbans in India.

It is a very mysterious place and has always been the favorite of nature lovers, adventure seekers, and the bird watchers. If you are lucky enough, you may get to witness the ferocious man-eater in its natural habitat while navigating the rivers of Sunderbans.

The place is extremely silent and the silence is broken down by the rating of the leaves of bushes, sounds of lizards and adventures. The rivers in Sunderban is full of alligators and crocodiles. The forest is full of ferocious wildlife and extremely poisonous snakes.

Sunderban is a must-visit place for those seeking adventure. It will be one important experiences of your life. Not only adventure, the trip to Sundarban will also offer an insight into the rustic village life and the true beauty of nature. You can go on bird-watching. Also, you need to note down that Sunderban is one of the world heritage sites declared by UNESCO. It will be a memorable experience.

The forest will provide you with fresh honey and brown rice. The Sundarban Tiger Reserve is one of the largest across the country.

15. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

This far situated islands from India are a part of India since the British time. Nonetheless, one can surely take pride in this true piece of beauty situated on the Bay of Bengal. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is famed across the world owing to its beautiful beaches, dense forests, and azure colored water. These are a group of more than 500 islands. All of the islands are located at a certain distance from each other and are extremely beautiful.

The islands are extremely charming and thus is a major attraction of several tourists around the year. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the major tourist destinations in India since the tourists get to do several breathtaking activities and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can go scuba diving and several such activities in this place.

Andaman and Nicobar island houses one of the best beaches of Asia, the Radhanagar beach located on the Havelock islands. This place is a must-visit for couples looking out for a perfect honeymoon spot. The couples can go on long walks across the beach holding each other’s hands and watch the beautiful sunset together.

Apart from them, the people who are very much drawn towards water sports should also visit the islands. The azure colored water of the land has to offer a wide marine life with several beautiful coral reefs. This is one of the perfect places you can go on for scuba diving because of the beauty of the coral reefs. Not only scuba diving, it is an ideal place for a long walk along the beaches too. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a true beauty.

If you have the urge to witness the adventure in the islands you can hire a boat and go on for safaris through the thick Mangrove forests of Baratang Islands. It has thick forests that are house to a number of limestone caves dark in color.

You can choose to go on for trekking in this part the Saddle Peak. You will get to witness a number of beautiful sceneries through the thick forests. Also, you will get to see the beautiful birds singing in the forests. These are sure to lift up your mood. You can set up a camp when the sky is moonlit and go for making barbeque. Nonetheless, catch fishes and crabs for yourself from the sea and set on to cooking some delicious delicacies in this beautiful place.

These were just a few examples of the beauty that you will get to witness in India. Apart from it, there are several other places to visit in India such as Taj Mahal, Bhangarh Fort, Varanasi, Jaisalmer and so much more. All these are the prominent tourist destinations in India. Over the course of time, India has only evolved and become more and more beautiful.

The true beauty of India lies in its rivers, its mountains and so much more. Every part of India has got so much to offer. The flower valleys of Uttarakhand, the tea garden of Kerala, the orchards of Kashmir, the beaches of Kanyakumari, the forts of Rajasthan, the hill stations of Darjeeling, India has got to offer the tourists everything they demand right from the North to South and from East to West. India has had a rich cultural heritage too and has been the major attraction of foreigners right from a long time.

The people from different countries visited India and ruled over it because of the huge wealth the country had got. India is not only historically rich but also culturally rich. The land has been home to several legends and houses a number of world heritage sites as declared by the UNESCO.

Even the first wonder of the world Taj Mahal is a part of India. If you look down the history of the country, you will surely come across the places and legends that have been a part of India. This geographically diverse country is extremely beautiful through all its stretches.

The country of India is mysteriously beautiful with so many mysteries lying in it. The hidden city of Dwarka, the excavated city of Hampi, and there are so many hidden places in India that have yet not been found out properly. There are several mysterious happenings taking around the country that are to take people by surprise for sure. All these mysteries are also a reason why people are so much attracted to India. Every year, several of tourist from the world visit India, due to the mysteries.

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Nonetheless, the above-mentioned places should be on your must-visit list for every traveler wanting to visit India. These were some of the few attractions in many which will give you the amazing experience which you will not find in any other country, we at Plan India Visit make sure within a small time frame we give you the best holidays and best cultural experience while you travel to India.

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