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Our personalized holiday packages bring you the best of India. Metropolitan cities to untouched trains, mountains to beaches, we have got everything covered. With a huge range of tours from 3 days to 3 months, We help you explore the real India- the one that will leave you amazed and pleasantly surprised. If you are up for the most ultimate holiday of your life, plan your trip with us.


Back in 2016, we set off on the open road with a van and full of young explorers with the aim of seeing the real and raw India. Right from valleys to high soaring peaks, we wanted to accomplish them all and witness the dynamic culture and experience in India. And undoubtedly, we weren’t disappointed. The beauty of India resided in our eyes and we are still enthralled by those memories.

Our aim remains the same today to help you see India like never before. we’ll show you India big city highlights, jaw-dropping national parks, and the incredible places which are hidden and only locals know about them.

PlanVisitIndia’s distinctive style of travel offers something different to your ordinary guided tours or package holiday. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world travel India to see the ancient Golden Bird, which has a historically great significance and to have a smooth journey throughout your adventure in India we come in play. We offer a very easy, fun loving and great experience as per your customized itinerary to explore India and its culture.


With us, you will get to visit more than 500+ destinations around India.


One of our travel consultant will be in touch throughout the journey. Your safety is our responsibility.


Almost every expense will be included in your itinerary except shopping 🙂



Home grown Tour consultant

PlanVisitIndia tour consultants are home grown who are knowledgeable and fun loving people with passion for showing you the real India. We work really hard to choose the most enthusiastic and committed people to join us in our journey to help you to explore and have amazing time while your stay in Incredible India.

Great Value for money

Once you get in touch with PlanVisitIndia team, the Itinerary we will create for you will be most cost effective and yet everything will be according to your interest. Yes, India is very big and to plan your own trip and have amazing deal from hotels and transport is very exotic, specially when you will visit more than 1 place throughout your adventure. Our Plans will include all accommodation & transport, your own travel guide, all monuments entry fees and some selected meals. Here you can read more information about booking.

Flexibility, fun & Freedom

We understand that your own time is what you are here for, as it’s the reason anyone goes on holidays. Your plan which we will customize will have all free time and freedom to explore the city by your ownself safely. In Addition to your many included highlights, there are also a lot of activities which you can do by yourself during India visit. Your leisure time is for you to engage with locals, relish on the lip-smacking food and interact with the people around you. Those are optional activities for you to choose from during your trip according to your budget and taste. In every city that you will be visiting, you will have the leisure time so you can interact with locals and know more about India.

Frequently asked questions

Nevertheless, we still know you have plenty other question to ask about your trip and the ways PlanVisitIndia works, so, we assure you it’s very easy to not only book a trip with us but to have one of the best lifetime experience when you visit India with us. However please go through our FAQ section, so that some of your potential doubts can be cleared. Also we will be glad to speak to your directly to answer all your questions.

Why Book with PlanVisitIndia?

We are travellers who wants you to explore our home country just like we did and that matters to us a lot. We want a "WOW" factor before you leave the place to come back soon.

We are young explorers who have travelled India for more then 3 years with a mission to understand our own home country. After understanding the greatness of our country we have come to board to help people of other nations to experience the depth of the oldest civilization on planet just like we did.

Our iTrek Community

Meet other people interested in your chosen trip, ask questions and get to know your group before you go!

Our iTrek Community

Meet other people interested in your chosen trip, ask questions and get to know your group before you go!

Our iTrek Community

Meet other people interested in your chosen trip, ask questions and get to know your group before you go!

Our iTrek Community

Meet other people interested in your chosen trip, ask questions and get to know your group before you go!


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